So, life got a little hectic (maybe a LOT hectic) or maybe some big change threw off your regular Self-care routine. On top of all the craziness in your life, you’re not really taking care of yourSelf and are feeling under-nourished and over-stressed.

Now, amid all of the chaos that’s happening, the very thought of adding even one more thing to your already packed schedule sounds like total drudgery – even if you know it would be good for you and could make you feel a whole lot better than you do right now and life would just open up and the heavens would sing and… blah, blah, blah – yeah, OK. You don’t need a guilt trip right now. You need a trip to the Bahamas! Seriously.

Yo, I have been there so many times before, gf, and let me just say… I FEEL YA!

It’s totally normal, though.

These things happen to ALL of us and to varying degrees depending on what’s happening in our lives at any given moment. Since jumping right back into our old Self-care routines is  probably out of reach (and that trip the Bahamas probably isn’t going to happen for most of us, either) here’s a list of easy-to-incorporate and manageable ways to find some sanity and slowly work your way back to a regular Self-care routine.




The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.

Mornings, yeah…

Whether we think we’re a morning person or not, the moments after we first wake up are an undeniably amazing time to set the tone for our entire day (heck, our entire LIVES!).

For many of us though, the good intentions we have at bedtime to set the alarm an extra hour or two early is often met with hitting the snooze button and missing out on that morning time we promised ourselves. Even if we can wake up extra early  once or twice, this usually isn’t a sustainable practice unless we’re super committed.

Waking up 15 minutes early is a small step towards bigger change.

Use this time for whatever brings you joy, nourishes your spirit, and helps you feel good! When I first come back to my mornings this way, I will often choose different activities each morning based on what I’m feeling drawn toward that day: meditation, reading, exercising, yoga, journaling, and working on a vision board are all things that I have used during  these extra 15 minutes.

When I’m in a solid Self-care mode, I will often do many (sometimes ALL) of these things every morning, but it takes time to get there and I can’t realistically jump right back into that routine.

Be patient and caring with yourSelf, and soon enough, you’ll be adding another 15 minutes to your morning time to recharge your soul everyday.



To keep the body in good health is a duty,
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to do a week-long juice cleanse or a 30-day clean eating detox to get back into healthy eating habits. You don’t even have to jump into the latest diet craze or consume the fancy and obscure health foods either.

Studies show that implementing small changes to your diet
a little at a time yields the best long-term results
to healthy bodies and weight loss.

Healthy eating habits are, of course, an important part of Self-care. Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds.

Everyone already knows HOW to eat healthy, we don’t need someone to tell us what to eat. But, sometimes taking the time or making the effort to eat healthy is challenging.

Instead of trying to overhaul your refrigerator or going crazy at the grocery store in an attempt to revamp your entire home menu, choose one meal each day that you can realistically work with and make it as healthy as possible.

Making this one small change to your diet can make you feel a whole lot better about yourSelf and the food choices that your making can eventually influence your other mealtimes as well.



Love yourself enough to set boundaries.
Your time and energy are precious.
You get to choose how you use it.
You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.

Anna Taylor

What are boundaries?
Sure, they’re limits that we place, lines we draw, places we won’t go, or things we won’t do… but they’re so much more. Boundaries include ourselves AND others – specifically, what we are willing to do, be, and accept from others.

Boundaries are a definite place where our responsibility ends and another person’s begins.
They stop us from doing things for others that they should be doing for themselves.

Setting and protecting boundaries can be tough, but it’s also necessary if we want to have healthy relationships with others and with ourselves.

We need to communicate our boundaries first verbally and then with our actions. Communicating + Enforcing our boundaries – saying NO + sticking to it – can (and probably will) hurt others, including the people we care about, but doing this is crucial if we truly want to practice Self-care.

Telling our children that they’ll have to clean their own rooms (or do their own laundry/pack their own lunch/whatever they’re capable of doing for themselves) or explaining to husbands that they’ll have to balance their own checkbook (or iron his own shirts/make his own coffee/help with housework/etc.) might feel like torture – especially if the reason you’re doing it yourSelf is because it’s a way to express your love or because you’re a perfectionist and want things to be just right or something else along those lines – but it’s essential for you AND for them.

Creating + enforcing boundaries not only gives us more space to do the things that are nourishing to our own well-being, but gives the ones we love the opportunity to grow.



We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives.
All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.

from the movie About Time

This one task could quite possibly be the single most important Self-care technique listed here, so don’t dismiss it! Since we’re trying to find time for ourselves and feeling overwhelmed by all that we’ve got going on in our lives, mapping out our time is super important.

Let’s face it, WE’RE BUSY! And that busy-ness is most likely why we wandered away from our Self-care routine in the first place. Between keeping up with work, the kids’ extra curricular activities, social events, housework, and everything else in our lives, our schedules can feel like a chaotic mess pretty easily.

A Master Household Schedule allows us to visually see
where things are working in our lives
+ where we need to make adjustments.
It can direct us to specific time to focus on US.

Take some time each month to plan out the next month ENTIRELY. Include your own schedule (project deadlines, mandatory/scheduled overtime, vacation time) , your spouse’s schedule (same as yours, get it all), the kids’ schedules (days off from school, sports practices + games, dance recitals, etc), social engagements, appointments, EVERYTHING.

If you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to include a cleaning schedule, grocery days + meal planning menu, or anything else that’s important to map out so you can visually see everything that’s happening with everyone with one single look.

Once we can easily see everything that’s going on in our lives – what we’re putting our precious time + energy toward – we can breathe a little sigh of relief at the KNOWING + even easily find time to dedicate to our Self-care practices.



Big journeys begin with small steps.

Regardless of how far we have moved away from our old Self-care habits, we can always redirect our energy + focus in gentle ways that can snowball quickly. Actively
choosing to nurture ourselves, even in seemingly small ways, can make a big impact.

We know that making ourselves a priority in our own lives is important. We understand which practices empower us, connect us to our divinity, make us feel whole and connected to our loved ones for our own benefit AND for theirs. Choosing to incorporate Self-care practices into our lives in SMALL ways allows us to reap the heart-healing rewards and compels us to go further when we’re ready.

When we focus on adding Self-care habits back into our daily lives a little at a time, as often as possible, we find our path again to daily routines that feel nourished + balanced.

It takes effort, for certain, but not a lot when we make “little + often” our daily mantra. We can return to the bright, shining light within our divine, creative, gorgeous, smiling, authentic Selves one moment at a time. Take that first step love, and you’ll be right back in an amazing state of Self-love + care in no time!

What are your favorite Self-care practices?
Tell me in the comments.

Namaste bright, beautiful, boutiful souls <3



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