“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

– Joseph Campbell



Hi, I’m Gretchen Lakshmi – a totally introverted yoga junkie who loves meditation, nature + (w)holistic living.

Welcome to the place where I explore what it means to live in the light ↠ creating a life with vision + purpose.

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I initially created Bliss + Bunny Tantrums as an outlet to speak out against domestic abuse and violence – specifically, about the emotional + physical abuse that I suffered first-hand in a traumatic relationship.

If you’d like, you can read more about that here:

※ Time Is a Strange Thing When You Think About It
※ Inner Dialogue of a Battered Woman Filing a Protection From Abuse Order
※ Of Love, Compassion, and Loss

Bliss has since evolved into a creative outlet where I share stories, insights, and failures regarding my own personal journey towards living a conscious life after trauma.

Here’s a little sample:

※ 100 Days of Meditation: Day 2
※ My Absolute Favorite Yoga + Meditation Apps
※ Return To Your Light: A Step-By-Step Guide

I HOPE TO INSPIRE others to overcome their own challenges + obstacles, whatever they may be, so they can move towards consciously creating a life of balance + wellness and experience their own bliss.

While Gretchen is my birth name, LAKSHMI is the yoga name that was given to me by my wonderful teacher and mentor, Leela Mata who was the head of the ashram where I received my very first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification in 2009.

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Yoga & Meditation has been my personal heartfelt study for 20+ years – over half of my life – and I have multiple yoga certifications.



※ Hatha Yoga Shiromani
※ Prenatal Plus: Pre + Postnatal Yoga Teacher
※ Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 + RPYT


Over 15 years of experience in the health + wellness industry, including positions as:

※ Hatha + Prenatal Yoga Instructor
※ Meditation Teacher
※ Private Yoga Instructor
※ Yoga Studio Co-Founder + Manager
※ Weight Loss Counselor + Nutrition Adviser
※ Gym Fitness Dept. Director
※ Active Older Adult Health + Fitness Program Coordinator
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I’m also in the process of completing my BA in Environmental Studies at one of the leading Environmental Science colleges in the United States.

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My primary focus has been on Art + the Environment and I have been an active community environmental educator + arts coordinator  – connecting the people in our communities to their environments through art.

Have a look at some of my work…

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My true bliss is found in the hearts of these two adorable little people.

Bunny Boy + Bunny Girl are my inspiration. These two brilliant little souls make me want to build a life that will nurture and foster their creativity, help them to understand their emotions, and to establish a deep love + reverence for life in its many forms.

Life with toddlers isn’t always easy, but it is an incredible journey!
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Great smile, adorable laugh

LOVES: Earthworms, playing outside, running + hiking, “climbing mountains” (we don’t really have mountains in NWPA, but he doesn’t seem to know that), camping, swimming, super-heroes, reading, reading, and MORE reading.

FUTURE PLANS: Become a fireman and save people, kitties, and puppies from fires.

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Gorgeous laugh, talks a LOT

LOVES: Singing, dancing, wearing fairy wings, playing outside, kitties, people who will talk to her (which is pretty much EVERYONE), running + hiking, eating dirt (regardless of how many times I try to stop her *sigh*), hugs +kisses.

FUTURE PLANS: To be the fastest runner in the world!




Besides being totally handsome, charming, and athletic, X is a kind and sensitive partner who has accepted all of us as part of his own family.

His interests include: Long-distance trail running (We’re talking 100-mile races!), reading, writing, peacefully fighting the establishment, handing out great advice + priceless nuggets of wisdom, and being overall wonderful, caring, and supportive.



Here on the Bliss and Bunny Tantrums blog, I like to share personal insight + perspectives on:

※ Well-Being, Personal Growth, Self-Acceptance/Love/Care, and Chasing Light

※ Holistic Healing through Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and Healthy Living

※ Guidance for Introverts, Empaths, and Highly Sensitives

※ Truth, Love, Beauty, and Creativity

※ Eco-Conscious Living

※ Community + Environmental Art

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Enjoy your visit + please check back often.
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Thoughts on Wellness

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Gretchen Lakshmi ※ Bliss + Bunny Tantrums intends to inspire and educate.

This site does not serve as an alternative to professional advice or attention. I am not a doctor, psychologist, therapist, or dietitian. Please seek professional care for serious concerns.



You’re Invited

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Join me LIVE on Facebook for a brief but meaningful meditation practice each week. Relax and connect to stillness while releasing stress.

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