Here’s to the beginning of another DAILY meditation streak – much like the 100 Days of Meditation series I completed last year.

I love meditation and, for some reason, have fallen out of my daily discipline  (well, the main reason is that I have enjoyed sleeping in most mornings instead of doing my morning meditations). But, I am feeling this missing element as a major lack in my daily routine and miss the benefits it brings me, which are numerous.

I’ll be starting with an intentional 30 day meditation streak, the first half of which will be on the road, adventuring with X + the bunnies.

I’ve already completed the first two days of my 30 day meditation streak + I am realizing now how much I’ve been missing out on by skipping my morning practice.

Today, it was especially lovely to take a morning Trail Run, find a quiet, gorgeous spot and sit in my silence. After finishing my morning run, I came back to an empty camp while everyone was away + got in a great follow-up yoga session.

Meditation + Yoga + Travel = Happy Heart

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my 30 Day Meditation streak!

Namaste, Happy Hearts <3