Here Are Your Gifts

Let the journey begin!

Thank you so much for connecting with me, I look forward to serving your personal transformation! Once a month or so I offer a newsletter and occasional updates about things I find useful or interesting enough to share with you.
I love and respect your energy and time, so I’ll never clog your inbox with excessive emails. Know that every message, story, offer, or thought I share is curated with love and honor for who you are becoming on this journey to self-discovery in this life.
In deep and gracious appreciation for your trust and curiosity, I am offering these special gifts to help you progress into deeper levels of personal growth and development. Please enjoy! And remember…

You are the light!


I wrote this guidebook to help creative people like you find deeper meaning and connections to themselves and their intuition. Connect to your intuition right away in this easy to follow guidebook.


This is a collection of my very favorite consciously inspired songs in one playlist. Some are introspective and calming, others are upbeat and fresh, all of them will speak volumes to your soul.


How balanced is your life? Use this helpful worksheet to open yourself up to areas of focus for personal development. The Finding Balance Wellness Worksheet is a fun and creative approach to deepening into self.


Learn how to overcome distractions and meditate anytime, anywhere! I’ll teach you an easy 1-minute mindfulness meditation that can give you a much-needed zen pause during times of stress.