OK, web friends, it’s time we finally meet.

…well, sort of. I’m putting myself out there for the first time on video and facing some fears of my own here. Nothing like making yourself vulnerable to shake things up! ha!

But, seriously, so many good things are coming!
Take a look.





Aside from a little glitch in the video exporting process, I’m happy with the final result.

I’ll have to find + install a new video editing app, though. The same weird issue with the audio + video not syncing up at one point during this video occurred in every video I made (bummer). Any suggestions for an awesome + simple video editing app on Google Play is greatly appreciated!

It’s still not quite what I wanted, but I scheduled to have this ready by today, so we trudge skip, prance + even romp onward!

Life gives us little lessons every day.

Namaste, radiant beings of light <3