Overarching Issue:

It’s time to let your hair down and have fun!

You have been burning the candle at both ends, squeezing so much onto an already full plate in many areas of your life. But it is not rest that will revive you, it is good old fashioned fun.

Now is the time to enjoy yourself. Put your creative energies to use in joyful mischievous ways to revitalize your spirit and boost your morale.

Let your hair down and relish in the opportunity to play.

Who you were:

You are not a vessel to fill, but a wise, knowledgeable, and gifted spark to create from. When we access our internal guidance and allow our Soul to speak, we flow outwardly with ease in the direction of our passions.

Our natural skills and interests direct our learning and we are able to logically and physically implement that Soul knowledge to further investigate and build upon. This is how we hone our art and find our niche.

In the depths of your roots is the elixir to your life. Drink it.

Who you are:

The expectations you place on yourSelf and others restrict and constrain. Free yourSelf and your relationships by releasing expectation.

Expectation strangles creativity and life force, producing resentment. Approach yourSelf, a relationship, or an activity with lightness and curiosity, discovering delightful aspects and elements of who you are through what you can contribute to it, rather than what you can get out of it.

It is not the expectation of an action from another that is what you are seeking, it is the permission of an experience only you can give yourSelf.

Who you are becoming:

This card appears to gently communicate to you that you are setting your sights too low.

Broaden the scope of your horizons, extend the depth of your vision and see more in you that you think there is to be seen.

Life will take off for you when you are ready to embrace the fullness of your Being and the length and breadth of your own unique amazingness.

Go to your highest thought about yourSelf and image the You that would be if you lived from that place.

Suggested Action:
Think With Your Heart

It’s time to get out of your head and into your Heart.

The monkey mind’s incessant chatter is creating confusion, stagnancy, and road blocks. The situation or decision that has arisen requires a perspective shift that can only be accessed through the Heart.

You are seeking your authentic Truth to be able to confidently take the next step. Turn inward trusting and knowing the answers lie within. Listen + observe with curiosity + non-judgment. Become the watcher with ears.


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