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Slow Flow

Slow Flow class offers a light and creative approach to aligning breath with movement. It’s a…

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Look Good, Feel Great 2-0-1-8!

Are you ready to Rock your New Year’s Resolutions? Our presenters are so excited to Introduce…

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Yoga @ The Body Firm

Yoga @ The Body Firm M | W | F 10:00a – 11:00a From January through…

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5 Simple Ways to Ease Yourself Back Into a Self-Care Routine

It’s time to get back into Self-care, but the thought alone can feel overwhelming sometimes. Here’s a few easy ways to return you to your path.

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HAVE ANXIETY? This Simple 60-Second Technique May Help During Peak Anxiety Moments

Sometimes it’s not always so easy to ‘block out’ distracting sounds, people, or social situations with just some deep breathing and a one-minute meditation. It can help, but the anxious feelings often linger or return quickly.

Enter EFT Tapping

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Tarot Reading for the Full Moon

Another FULL MOON, another TAROT READING to guide you along your way.

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CAROLINA BEACH, NC Camping at the Atlantic Ocean

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up on a white sandy beach, to the sound of ocean waves, and watch as the sun rises over the edge of the planet… from a tent?

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This is the Beginning

And now the lotus rises – We are never dying – Forever flying – And always surviving

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