What I Offer

Nature of Description

The three things that I most expertly offer are related to yoga, meditation, and wellness.


Through the practice of yoga, we work out + work through some of our toughest emotional + physical blocks.
It’s a truly introspective + personal practice that wakes us up to our true nature – who we are at our deepest core Self (without all of the baggage + drama from our lives).
We call it a practice because we come back to it again + again. We remind ourselves that we are so much more than we usually recognize + that we are worthy of love, kindness, and caring (from others + from yourself).
A well-rounded yoga practice includes many things, like:
asana – the physical poses
pranayama –  breathwork exercises
meditation – there are MANY types of meditation practices
And so much more that relates to taking care of the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.
Yoga Classes: All of my classes incorporate a wide array of these practices that different each week. The All-Levels Hatha class is just that, all-levels, so it’s appropriate for anyone no matter your experience or level, you will gain a benefit.  If you’re looking for a more physically challenging practice, my Prana Pulse class may be more your speed.
Private Yoga: Through a personalized yoga practice that addresses your individual needs, we can identify areas where you already excel + propel those forward quickly. And together, we can also decide which areas we’d like to develop + work with those challenges to overcome your obstacles.


The practice of meditation in yoga makes up a large portion of The Eight Limbs of Yoga… three of those limbs (dharana, dhyana, and samadhi) are directly related to meditation practices, while only one limb (asana) is related to what many people think yoga is all about – the poses.
The physical practice of asana was developed as a response to a desire to sit comfortably for extended periods of time in meditation.
There are so many types of modern meditation practices available:
guided meditation – includes guided self-awareness and dips into the sub-conscious mind through visualization techniques
mindfulness meditation – a focused concentration practice (often on the breath or a mantra)
mindfulness – different from mindfulness meditation, mindfulness is simply noticing our immediate environment, utilizing all of our senses fully (listening for the sounds surrounding us more closely for a while or feeling every moment that your feet are in contact with the floor fully + completely).
These are just a few of the many meditation options available.
I already include meditation practices as a part of every yoga class I teach, but when you choose to work with me privately, we have the option to specifically focus more on meditation-oriented conversations + practices. You could even set the tone for which types of meditation style options you’d prefer to learn more about.


Wellness is an overall feeling of well-being (to be well) most or all of the time. When we say we are well, we mean we feel healthy in body, mind, emotions, and in spirit or “recognizing our source.” This can be the source of life within and around us, or simply recognizing a higher consciousness.
Wellness is (w)holistic in nature in that it encompasses every aspect of our being, not just our physical bodies.
“The Mind and Body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist

Taking care of the physical body is a good place to begin when seeking wellness. But, while physical health is hugely important, mental health + well-being are equally as important. You could be killing it at the gym and still have trouble sleeping at night.
Wellness takes a look at the whole picture – every facet + dimension of our lives. It gives us a better idea of why we do, say, choose, or feel the way we do in any given circumstance. We get to know the source of our personal obstacles and then strategize a way to move through them in a way that is healthy – that makes us well.