Meditation is already a regular part of my life, but I don’t meditate the way I want to lately. With both of the little bunnies waking up at night, I often sleep in until they wake in the morning and have lost my morning meditation time. I had, for a long time, spent about the first five minutes of my morning focusing on my breath, getting present and setting my intentions for the day. So, falling out of this routine has hurt me on many levels.

I already know the many benefits of meditation and won’t go to the trouble of listing them here; you may have heard many of them already or if you haven’t, you can easily Google it (Don’t you just love always having access to an abundance of information right at your fingertips? What an amazing time we live in! #GettingGeeky). But, with all that I’ve been going through lately, I know that meditation is an integral part to my mental health and overall well-being.

Making time for meditation has been hard for me as of late and I only really get meditation time on my mat during yoga classes that I lead right now. This just isn’t enough to sustain me through this rough period in my life. Plus, I often find myself too distracted by my worries and thoughts to meditate properly anymore. I end up walking away from a meditation session feeling disappointed with myself for not finding any clarity or relief.

So, I set out to find some help. Looking to the internets to offer me some guidance, I searched for something that would take me through guided meditations that I could handle at almost any time of day and would be short enough when I needed, so to not take away from time with the bunnies.

There is a wealth of wonderful resources out there when it comes to meditation and I was a little overwhelmed by the many choices. But, I knew there were a few specific things I was looking for, such as: ease of accessibility, shorter to longer meditations (depending on how much time I’d have available on any given day), meditations that featured a soothing and trustworthy voice to guide me, and cost (preferably free or very low cost).

After a little research, I decided to try an online meditation program called Headspace. This web-based program takes all the confusion and frustration out of meditation and simplifies it into one easy-to-follow plan. I was even able to download their app onto my phone for free to make it even more accessible to me.


I did my first meditation right away and was impressed by the ease of the first 10 minute session. On the second day (today), I came to my meditation practice following a frustrating child support conference call and needed to clear my head, big time. I found today’s practice much more of a challenge, having difficulty letting go of the event that had unfolded without any control only 20-30 minutes prior, but was determined to stay present, if only for a few moments.

By the time I finished my 10 minute session, I was infinitely calmer and had been able to let go of the frustration associated with the conference call. I was able to go about the remainder of my day without the worry and anxiety I had been experiencing prior to my meditation session. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt a sense of relief and knew that things would work themselves out, so it was useless to worry. And, I was able to better enjoy my day with the bunnies, which was the most important thing I took away from my practice today.

So, shortly after this astounding yet simple affirmation, I read this article on Mind, Body, Green about meditation. This got the gears turning in my head and I decided I’d like to meditate like this for 100 days, as well. So, readers, I’m committing to myself and to you to delve in and deepen my meditation practice. Some days may be a simple 10-minute meditation, other days may be longer or shorter, but the target is one meditation per day.



My aim is true, my heart is strong,
I choose to manifest this desire into reality.

I don’t plan to post about every single meditation every single day, but I will give you updates and highlights so that you know I’m staying focused and on track. Wish me luck and, if you’re up for it, join me in my 100-day journey. Feel free to play along any way you like, even through the use of Headspace.