Continuing on my experiment in meditation, I’m currently utilizing the back half of the free Take 10 program available through Headspace. I have to say, even as someone who is an experienced meditation teacher and practitioner, this was exactly where I needed to begin.

Many of the techniques and concepts are similar or even the same as what I utilize to teach others about concentration and meditation practices. Then, today, there was an analogy that was given in a video associated with the Day 7 meditation practice that really struck a chord with me.

The video talked about the mind as a clear and expansive blue sky and thoughts were different types of clouds in the sky. I won’t give any more detail beyond this, as I think you should check it out for yourself (heck, it’s free, so why not?), but it helped my practice immensely.

The struggle to overcome the many thoughts racing through my mind regarding the Corporal, our current situation with court dates, mediation conferences and all his shady, underhanded techniques to get ahead have, at times, shaken me to my core with deep + utter fear.

And, while I still have difficulty calming my mind for the entire ten minute session, by the time I’ve finished, I feel lighter, more refreshed and able to take on the challenges of my day. My thoughts maintain far less control as I am able to allow them their freedom to come and go as they please without needing to engage with them every single time for every single available moment. In fact, I have far more freedom in my mind for the remainder of my day after these short, but crucial 10-minute practices.

So, while I’ve only been at this for about a week or so now and have a long way yet to go to reach 100 consecutive days of meditation practice, I am already noticing and feeling the positive effects.


If you’ve already decided to join me in my 100 days practice, I’d love to hear about your experiences so far in the comments. If you wanted to join me but still haven’t, it’s not too late… you can jump on the meditation wagon with me now, either by your own means or through Headspace. Feel free to also comment about why you’re motivated to proceed with your own 100-days of meditation.

I’m exploring other meditation options beyond Headspace right now too and have found a few options that are interesting to me. I’ll update you with those as we go forward from here, so check back often.

I’ll be checking in again soon, but until then…

Namaste, beautiful souls <3