The rain is falling here and the air is getting chilly.

Summer is coming to a close and autumn is gently beginning to usher in.

The trees have already shown their signs of preparation for the colder winter months to come by slowly trading in their shades of deep greens for more vibrant crimsons, golds, and ambers.

It’s a beautiful season: crisp, fragrant, and one that invokes memories.

Apple cider will be drank, pumpkins will be picked, sweaters, scarves, and boots will be worn.

Children will anticipate the day when they can finally dress up in that costume they’ve been planning to wear since July and run door-to-door gathering treats.

Hay rides will take place all over the country sides.

Campfire gatherings will keep everyone warm, create opportunities for conversation and laughter, and cover our clothes in that lovely wood-burning smoke smell.

It’s a beautiful season, Autumn. Just the word causes all kinds of thoughts, emotions, and wonderful memories to swirl around within us.

An internal transition begins to take place during this season, as well.

One that causes us to take stock of what we have gained through the summer season of plenty; to evaluate our needs and prepare for the winter months ahead; to enjoy  what is left of the warmer weather and the beauty of nature as she prepares to slumber during the harsher months to come.

In honor of the upcoming Autumn changes, consider giving yourself these three gifts to make the most of this transitional season.


1. Time

The simple gift of time may seem obvious to many of us. And, it’s easy to consider that time is a gift we should always give to ourselves and our loved ones. But, we don’t always manage to make that happen in our busy lives filled with chaotic schedules.

Time to spend outdoors in nature with loved ones is something that many of us crave and are even often able to give ourselves.

Consider though, just HOW this time is spent and if it is quality.

If we are like most people, we are probably taking our phones everywhere with us and checking them often.

If this sounds familiar, maybe we need to realize that we’re not actually as giving with our time as we may think… consider this:

The average person checks their phone 110 times a day (Daily Mail)
  • During peak times this equates to once every six or seven seconds
  • Some users unlock their devices up to 900 times over the course of a day, which in reality is around 18 hours of phone time

A study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children age 8-18 spend over seven hours a day using entertainment media on a smart phone, computer, television, or other electronic device

That’s over 50 hours of screen time a week!

It may be the time that we believe we’ve dedicated to ourselves + our loved ones isn’t truly as dedicated as we may have first thought.

What if, the next time we took our families for a walk in the woods or to a Fall Festival, we turned our cell phones off? Or better yet, left them in the car?

Don’t worry, the world will continue to turn just fine without us for an hour or two.

Let’s make our children leave their devices behind, too…

We’re the parents, it’s OK to require this.

Who knows, we may actually get to see our children’s faces looking at us and at the wonder of the world around them instead of staring down at their screens.

If you think that you’d like to take pictures, take a camera with you. A hand-held camera may not be as exciting as the ones built into our phones, but they still function pretty much the same way.

Yes, if we want to share our experiences with the world via social media, it may take a little extra time and effort to do so, but just think of what the trade-off could be…

Time is $$$expensive$$$ and we only have so much of it.

How do you want to spend your time this Autumn season?
We’re making memories, right?
What do we want them to look like?

2. Nature and Sensory Play

Lighten up a little!

Enjoy the outdoors and allow your senses to be enriched and the child within you to be engaged.

If you have children, play with them outside. Engage them in lighthearted ways.

If you don’t have children, either go out alone or with a loved one. Explore the natural beauty of a special space and be willing to act out in silly or childish ways.

Climb a tree.

Explore a nature trail.

Jump in a big pile of leaves.

Run freely through an open field.

Dance. Skip. Sing. Play. Release with wild abandon!

SMILE! Breathe. Flow with the natural spaces surrounding you.

Build a nature-inspired piece of art. Sure, it’s only temporary, but so is everything else in life.

(Let Andy Goldsworthy inspire you)

Play pretend… turn something mundane into something magical.

See something ordinary it for its potential, beyond what our adult minds have already labeled and categorized it’s usefulness as. Expand the horizons of your mind.

There is a divine, creative, child-like spark that exists within each of us… set it free this autumn, even if only for a few minutes.

Be wild, be daring, be silly, and joyful.

Set your soul ablaze! Let the richness of the season penetrate you to your core.

3. Space

What is space?

Sometimes space can feel like this obscure thing that can be difficult to find.

But, at its essence, space is simply an expanse of area that is free, available, and unoccupied.

It can also be expressed as the freedom to live, think, and develop in a way that suits us.

Space manifests at the physical, mental, and energetic levels.

Our individual spaces can feel deeply personal.

Whether we’re talking about our environment (home, work, or natural spaces), our personal space (that which immediately surrounds us), or even our head space (the quiet that exists within), we never quite seem to have enough of it for some reason.

A sense of space allows us to feel free and relaxed. So, as a gift to yourself, take some time this autumn season to create some space.

Yes, technically, due to the laws of physics we can’t actually MAKE more space, but we absolutely can CREATE space(s).

Creating space could be as tangible as decluttering and making room in our home, work, or outdoor environments.

It could be as complicated as cleansing and aligning our chakras.

Clearing the mind in meditation is a way to create space within.

Using our creativity allows us to create BEAUTIFUL spaces in our world.

Consider what makes you happy and take some time to CREATE space. Think carefully about taking a little extra time (remember that first gift to yourself?) to create beautiful spaces. They will bring you great joy every time you enter into them.

It is my deepest hope that you have a beautiful, enjoyable transition into the autumn season and that you find a sense of wonder in the beauty of the changing landscape.

Find a way to give yourself these precious gifts and you will find everything you are searching for this season.

Namaste beautiful, vibrant souls <3



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