PostDividerAs many of you already know, the bunnies and I have been going through a difficult transitional period lately.

But, in summary, we were recently thrown out of our home (again) by the bunnies’ father, my ex (the Corporal), from whom we had suffered through a controlling and abusive relationship. The nature of our last encounter was quite violent and resulted in calls to the State Police who took us both into custody. My life has since resulted in weekly court battles and dealing with a man so controlling and manipulative that he takes every opportunity possible to make things as hard on me as he can.

So, as you can imagine, dealing with all of the legal issues and the Corporal’s attempts to make my life miserable, coupled with caring for two children under the age of two by myself, I have been under a great deal of stress. The Corporal knows that we’ve been staying with my parents (who were generous enough to take us in) and so I have added stress because I don’t feel safe, more like a sitting duck.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken in cold sweats during the middle of the night from horrible dreams about the Corporal coming to kill me and take the bunnies. The one that occurs most often involves the Corporal sitting outside of the house with a sniper rifle, waiting for just the right moment to take me out. Yes, thankfully, they are only dreams, but they are based on real fear.

In addition to my fear, there’s also a good deal of crowded chaos at my parent’s house. My youngest sister and her daughter have been living with my parents for a long time. Bunny Niece is only a few months younger than my oldest, Bunny Boy, so we now have three babies under the age of two in the house, plus four adults… let’s just say it’s not ideal.

My bunnies and I are all crowded into a single bedroom with all of our belongings, at least the ones that aren’t stashed away in storage right now. My patience is being tested DAILY. Thank goodness for my meditation practice, it’s been a saving grace for me.

So, if this post is beginning to sound like a boo-hoo, woe-is-me-fest, well, you’d be right. I am going through what is probably the most challenging time of my life so far. But, the purpose of telling you about all of this is to let you know that, even though I have suffered so much, I have more to be grateful for right now than I ever have in my entire life.


I’ve never seen a group of people come together to offer up their love, assistance, heartfelt wishes, and all around positive vibes like a yoga community does.

I’ve been witness to generous financial contributions made by yogis when they attend donation-based classes that benefit local organizations many times. I’ve seen yogis rally together to support various causes all over the country and even the world. I’ve even experienced the love and attention given to directing thoughtful meditation practices to people suffering or in need of medical attention. Yogis are truly caring and supportive people, as a whole.

So, it should have come as no surprise to me that, when I was in dire need of help, the yoga community would come rushing in to my rescue. But, it did surprise me and it overwhelmed me in the most amazing ways possible.


Not everyone in our local yoga community is aware of the hardships that the bunnies and I have been experiencing. In fact, I’d say that the percentage of people who come to my classes who actually have any idea that I was in an abusive relationship, that it ended terribly, and is still haunting me, is very small, 5-10% maybe. And yet, of this very small percentage, there has been an incredible outreach and a wealth of resources made available to me, most without even having to ask.

When I had only mere hours to pack up our entire lives and move out of our home, it was mainly members of our local yoga community who came to my rescue; over a dozen people total for this single event. When we needed a place to live, multiple yogis offered up their homes to us without hesitation and, even though we have been staying with my parents, we are about to move into one of these homes this weekend.

Once my legal troubles began to expand and become more numerous and complicated, it was members of our yoga community who stepped in to connect me with the right attorneys specific to the many different legal issues I’m facing. I’ve also received offers from yogis to help pay for these attorneys whose help I could never afford on my own. One of my lawyers is even a regular class attendee at the studio, his wife teaches Qi Gong.

The response from other yogis who know about my situation has resulted in gifts of money, helpful items that I can’t afford to buy right now, various tokens to aid me in luck and high energy vibrations, and just all around wonderful well-wishing, prayers and positive thoughts that have been directed towards the bunnies and me.

These amazing people, my yoga community, have rallied around us and taken us under their wings. Just thinking about it, not to mention seeing it explained in written form, has brought many tears to my eyes and humbled my heart.


I keep wondering if there is anyone else out there who has even half of the love, support and show of generosity as I have experienced at what could otherwise be the most hopeless time in my entire life. Then, I remember, there are other yoga communities out there. I have to believe that there are others who have had similar experiences within their own communities… yogis are, after all, some of the most amazing and generous people I have ever known.

So, it is with a grateful heart that I continue to move forward knowing that I am indeed on the right path and that the Universe does provide, all we have to do is have faith.

Thank you so much to the many people in my local yoga community who have reached out to help my little family through this challenging time. I feel so much love and admiration for each of you and only pray that I can one day return your generosity. For now, you have my love, respect and gratitude.

The light within me recognizes the light within you and bows down in recognition of the connection we share.

Namaste Loves <3