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Hello lovelies!

Today I am sharing a special affirmation – one that has been very useful to me lately.

But, before I share this special affirmation, let me just take a moment to explain what these little beauties do and how they improve our lives.

Everyday at nearly every moment, we have thoughts racing around our amazing brains.

Some of these thoughts have absolutely nothing to do with us personally – that jingle that plays over and over in our minds nonstop <!> or some bit of news that we came across or something we observed. Other thoughts are directly related to our own personal sense of Self – how we feel or what we think about ourselves and our lives.

For many of us, these Self-reflective thoughts can often be degrading or even downright cruel!

“I’m so ugly/fat/worthless.” or “I’ll never amount to anything.” – any of these sound familiar? Didn’t our parents teach us not to call people names or to be so hard on others?

So, why do we do this to OURSELVES?

The truth about these inner thoughts is that they shape our physical world and the ways we navigate through it. Our thoughts are the paint + brushes to the canvas of our lives.

If our thoughts are dark + low vibration in nature, our perception of the world (and consequently ourselves) will match those thoughts. But we have the option, to change those thoughts. To change our minds. And therefore, change our world.

AFFIRMATIONS are thoughts or phrases that we repeat out loud to drown out the suffocating and dismantling negative thoughts. They are repeated frequently, often daily, and aloud – usually when we’re alone and feel comfortable – until they begin to actually replace the self-deprecating thoughts.

By reminding ourselves that we are WORTHY OF LOVE and that WE ARE PERFECT EXACTLY AS WE ARE IN THIS MOMENT, we begin to release the negativity that holds us back from being our greatest and most beautiful Selves!

So, with that, my beauties, I present you with a simple affirmation for self-love and beauty – because true beauty radiates from the inside-out.





Let’s break this affirmation down a little, shall we:


If you utilize any part of this affirmation, please, let it be this one.

I AM WHO I AM relates to Self-acceptance.
Acceptance of ALL that we are: mind, body, and spirit. Self-acceptance is the greatest form of self-love that we are able to achieve. When we are capable of fully accepting all that we are, exactly as we are in this very moment without feeling a need to change, we become the purest forms of beauty and love.


To be radiant is to glow from within; to send out light; to shine brightly.
When someone is beautiful, we say that they have a glow to them.
They are radiant.
BE radiant.


Do not be mistaken.
You. Are. Beautiful.
Instead of saying that we have to “See it to believe it,” you have to “Believe it to see it.”
You’re beauty is there. Let yourself SEE it.

It’s perfectly OK if you get emotional while reciting this affirmation (I usually do).
If that happens, just allow yourself to fully FEEL whatever emotions come up. Let them have their space. And then, let them go.

That’s it from me today, loves!

Let yourself be reminded of the gorgeousness that exists within you today + feel open to nurturing her with all your heart.

Namaste, beauties ♡

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