A Personal Journal

The Single Mommy Saga: Part 1

Single parents do it alone, but do you really know what that means? Plus, custody results, going back to court, and… am I really ready to jump back in the dating saddle?

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100 Days of Meditation: Day 80

Meditation is making a real difference for me. Taking on the challenge of 100 consecutive days has been difficult at times, but worth it. Now, here’s your chance to finish up WITH me…

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Yoga Universe Playlist

“There is a space, 
that exists with us, and around us
, Where angels, sing on rays of light
, And love pours forth
, Love pours forth, 
Love pours forth
, From the heart of the Universe” – The Heart of the Universe

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Tarot Card Reading for the Full Moon

Just for Fun In celebration of tonight’s Full Moon, I’d like to offer everyone a chance…

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Moon Yoga Sequence: Chandra Namaskara

Chandra Namaskara – Try this soothing, relaxing yoga practice as a form of active meditation on the night of the full moon to gain insight to your divine feminine goddess nature.
Click through to download the free moon yoga sequence PDF and listen to the Spotify moon yoga playlist!

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Yoga Power Playlist

A Power Yoga playlist to kick start your Summer. Enjoy!

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100 Days of Meditation: Day 58

…And you thought meditation was all smiles, rainbows and la-la-la!
The Beast within awakens (and it ain’t pretty).

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Tarot Reading: Asked about financial security and/or love

6-Card Spread Card Designations: 1. Topic card/What’s at the center of this reading 2. Above you/What…

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Making A REAL Connection In The Electronic Age

What’s wrong with wanting to find a partner without the aid of social media? Is it possible that a real life opportunity to find love even exists in our technology-driven world anymore? I’m not ready to give up on that just yet.

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Those feelings and memories that pull you into the past and don’t let go… you keep getting sucked in… until, one day, you’re finally released from their pull. But, who knows long that will be?

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