It’s been a week since we moved into our little apartment and the bunnies & I have quickly made it our home. I was afraid that the move would be hard on them, especially Bunny Boy. The transition into my parent’s house was hard on him. He had trouble sleeping and suffered from night terrors for the first few weeks. But, looking back now, I think that might have had more to do with his issues of separation anxiety from his father coupled with the abuse we suffered at his hand.

This time when we moved, we had already been in the process of healing and Bunny Boy & Bunny Girl have learned to rely on me solely at this point. Plus, we’re in the country, in our own space and surrounded by so many interesting animals that keep the bunnies constantly engaged.


It feels good to have our own space and to know that we are so close to friends. I am reminded daily of how fortunate we are to know all of the amazing people that we do who want to help take care of us.

The best feeling is that of being safe. The Corporal knows we have moved, but has no idea about our new location. We’ll be keeping this address confidential so our safety is never an issue.

Since moving in, my anxiety and stress have begun to quickly subside. Yes, I still have two very small children to care for and yes, we’re not out of the weeds legally yet, but everything is coming together in a way that I never would have imagined for us.

The term gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling that fills me today. But, it’s the closest word I know to use. <3

Namaste loves