1. Where are you in life right now?

burden10 Burden: Air Element (Wands)
Traditional Card: 10 of Wands
: Trials, wasted energy, distress

Prophecy: A time of despair encircles the seeker; be patient and prepare for the new cycle soon to be upon you. Wait until the time feels right, then move out of the desert and on to new and better paths. Stop wasting energy on useless relationships or projects. Release what is dead in your life

2. How do you project yourself to the world? What is the truth of your relationships in your life?

16 The Serpent: Major Arcana
Traditional Card: The Tower
Keywords: Forced change, end of a cycle

Prophecy: Indicates the beginning or ending of a cycle in life. Change and conflict are upon you; unless you are careful and flow with the changes, chaos will follow. Difficult decisions must be made in order to avoid total disruption. Upset in life is necessary to create something new.

3. What is blocking your desires and goals?

Coins011 The Garden: Earth Element (Pentacles)
Traditional Card: Ace of Pentacles
: Success, prosperity, pleasure

Prophecy: You are now at a point to reap results from the positive efforts you have made in the past. If unattached, a relationship is near; if attached, the present relationship will improve. A period of success and material gain is at hand. Blockages have been removed.

4. What do you need to do to overcome these obstacles?

8 Swiftness: Air Element (Wands)
Traditional Card: 8 of Wands
: Rapid movement, messages, journeys

Prophecy: Stagnation is swept aside, and new opportunities come quickly into the seeker’s life. Messages requiring quick thinking and action are on the way. Sudden journeys may be necessary.

5. What can you do within yourself in order to help achieve these desires?

10 The Circle: Major Arcana
Traditional Card: Wheel of Fortune
: Changes, turn of events

Prophecy: By being alert to opportunities, practicing positive magick, and striving for spiritual growth, the seeker can influence the Circle or Wheel to bring success, a change of luck, and positive evolution within his or her life. However, as with all magickal and spiritual decisions, the seeker must become aware of self motives fueling the personal desire for changes.

6. What can you learn from the outside world/others to help you manifest your goals/desires?

transcendence20 Transcendence: Major Arcana
Traditional Card: Judgment
: Renewal, awakening

Prophecy: The seeker has progressed to a time of renewal in a new cycle of life. She or he may well be standing on the verge of a change of personal consciousness, a change that will alter the way life is lived and how the seeker views all goals and desires. The seeker may well have awakened suddenly from a time of non-spiritual thinking or an unhealthy way of living. The opportunity to be reborn is at hand, but the seeker must make the decision to make positive changes.

7. The projected outcome.

6 The Lovers: Major Arcana
Traditional Card: The Lovers
: Attraction, enticement

Prophecy: There is a choice or attraction that must be looked at clearly to avoid making the wrong decision. A struggle between outward, purely physical desires and temptation and inner spiritual needs. A difficult decision must be made for long-term good.

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  • Wolflady
    Jul 02, 2015 Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading! <3

  • shannon
    Feb 23, 2016 Reply

    I think I was meant to come to your website and do this reading. It was spot on! I am ready for big change I have been thinking of moving to another city and this reading confirmed my feelings and the time has come for new beginings. thank you xoxo

    • Bliss and Bunny Tantrums
      Feb 23, 2016 Reply

      Don't you just love it when the Universe gently nudges you towards your path? (*Sometimes it straight up slaps you upside the head too! ;) )

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