This post will only take a moment to read…

A moment has no specifically identified amount of time.

Moments are spaces of time within our lives, either in our present or our past, that invoke a special feeling, a thought, something significant, or memorable.

Moments are usually short but poignant;
they make an impact.

Moments are when we are TRULY LIVING; when we are most alive and aware.

It has been said that life is just a series of moments;
important moments, that profoundly affect and change us.


For just a moment, ask yourself these simple questions and give yourself some honest answers:

– How many moments have you recently experienced?
– Have you taken any time to reflect thoughtfully on these moments?
– What was important or significant about them?


If answering any of these questions has been difficult or impossible to do, maybe…

Now is your moment

…to LIVE, to BREATHE, to SOAK, and to BASK.

Take a moment. Love for a moment. Live for a moment.

Namaste, momentous beings <3