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Yoga + Meditation have become increasingly popular over time and the technology to support them has seamlessly brought these ancient practices into the modern age.

But, go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store and run a search for yoga or meditation apps and there are literally hundreds available! With so many options to choose from, how do we even begin to sort through them to find the best of the best?

The yoga + meditation apps market has been so saturated that searching, reading reviews, waiting for downloads, and actually trying out every app can seriously burst the zen bubble that we’re attempting to create in the first place. If only there was a good place to start…

Well, fortunately for you, I have already reviewed and personally tried many, many, MANY  yoga + meditation apps. So, to help maintain that sense of inner peace that you’re working so hard to cultivate, I’m sharing my absolute favorite yoga + meditation apps here!

This is by no means an end-all, be-all list of yoga + meditation apps, but it’s definitely a good jump off point if you’re looking for something worthwhile and FREE.

Yep, you read that right.


Each of these apps are either free or offer some kind of free content with the option to purchase more after you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while. So, there’s no reason not to at least give some of these apps a chance!

So, go ahead – Get your bliss on!




Yoga Apps:

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Down Dog is, in my opinion, the most functional, user-friendly, and beautifully designed yoga app available anywhere. This app offers clear directions along with the options of beginner and intermediate flows or restorative practices + choice of practice times ranging from 15 – 70 minutes.

There’s some great variety when it comes to postures and sequences that keep me coming back for more. Downside, you never know what you’re going to get until you’re already in the practice. The app chooses for you based on your initial options. But, it’s still my favorite. Hands down.

$$$ – Paid membership options include the ability to choose your pace along with more music options.


Daily Yoga

DYappDaily Yoga is a highly rated and downloaded app that’s been around the yoga block a time or two. With easy to follow sequencing and specifically designed programs, this is a sure-fire way to get your yoga on and feel great about it, too!

My favorite thing about this app is the music – the gorgeous sounds of Snatam Kaur graces multiple practices and soothes me into a steady, mindful flow.

$$$ – Paid membership options allow for unlimited use of a variety of different practice PlugIns available as separate downloads.


Yoga Wake Up

YWUappHave trouble waking up in the morning? Hate your alarm? Hit the snooze button waaaay too many times before getting up? Well, here’s the yogi’s solution to starting your day off blissfully!

Yoga Wake Up lets you designate your wake up time and how you’d like to wake up from a variety of 10-minute options, including Morning Stretch, 3 Tokens of Gratitude, Spirit Yoga and more.

The big bummer is that it’s only available for iPhone – c’mon Kamala Collective, you know you want to make this available on Android. Right?

$$$ – Paid options for different wake up sequences available as separate download PlugIns.


Yoga Tutorials

YTappUpon opening this app, you’ll find an extensive collection of the ‘Yoga With Adriene’ videos (and who doesn’t love this little yoga darling?!). It’s chock full of great content ranging from ‘Foundations of Yoga’ to ‘Yoga for Beginners’ to ‘Yoga for Runners’ and SO MUCH MORE!

The app appears a little further down on my list of favorites for two reasons: 1) Technically, all of these same videos can be found on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube Channel, and 2) It’s only available on Android (sorry iPhone users).

$$$ – This app is completely FREE without any need to purchase anything. Ever.
Yes, you’ll see some ads, but they don’t disrupt the videos, so I give it two thumbs way up!


YDCappWith 300 poses + video classes, this app really is extensive in its scope and range. Individual pose breakdowns are what make this app truly unique.

By clicking on one of hundreds of available poses, you are offered an image of the pose in action, a description, anatomical references to which muscle groups are actively engaged in the pose, plus a video breakdown of how to correctly get into the pose.

$$$ – A small one-time payment gives you full access to all content. Totally worth the purchase!



Meditation Apps:


CappSimple, stunning, and easy to use; Calm is my go-to daily app.

The music/sounds selections are soothing and calming (as the name of the app implies).  The imagery is splendid + magnificent and could put anyone into a deep and tranquil trance in moments.

This app has a timer function that softly brings you out of your timed meditations, an optional reminder notification, daily meditation habit tracker, and guided meditation options. I personally don’t care for the voice on the guided meditations and therefore, don’t use them. But, everyone is different and I get everything I need from this one app by using the free options.

$$$ – Membership options allow for unlimited access to all guided meditations and removes the limit (5) on the number of accessible scenes for download at any one time.


Oprah + Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience

OD21appWell, here’s a couple of names that need no introduction! Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have organized dozens of the 21-Day Meditation Experience programs together that can be accessed from this app.Frequently, they will offer a 21-Day Meditation program for FREE (within a specified time-frame, so get on the email list!).

These programs are GORGEOUS and offer excellent content, including daily inspiring meditation introductions by the media goddess Oprah herself + insight by the guru Deepak, truly lovely meditation music, a daily Sanskrit mantra (translated to English and explained), and journal space within the app to record any insights, inspirations, or emotions that come up during the practice.

$$$ – Free content isn’t always available + the cost to download or stream Meditation Experiences is is HIGH ($50-70 for one full 21-Day Experience). But, you get what you pay for and these two bring it home with style.



HappThe Headspace app gets everything right about the simplicity of meditation and bringing a sense of calm to the chaos of life.

Andy, the author and narrator of the app, guides users through the basics of meditation to put us on the path to mindfulness while learning what meditation is (and isn’t).

Entertaining animated videos periodically pop up before daily meditations to open our minds and expand our awareness of thoughts and perceptions. Then, there’s lots of quiet time for meditation that lasts from 10-20 minutes depending on which level you’re on within the program.

$$$ – There is some content available for free when you participate in a daily practice that systematically unlocks more content as you go. After you complete the first program, you have the option to purchase a membership to continue further and gain access to the rest of the experiences available.


Prana Breath

PBappPrana is a Sanskrit word that means breath + is considered a sacred life-giving force.

This app teaches breathing techniques in simple, easy to follow methods. The interface is completely user-friendly and allows for adjustments in breathwork timing and lengths of practice like no other I’ve ever seen before.

If you’re new to pranayama (breathwork practices), then there may be a slight adjustment period while you get used to the idea of timing your inhales, exhales, and the spaces between each breath. But, once you get it down, you start to feel a sense of calm that washes through you and your energies begin rising on a subtle level, which is an indescribable personal experience.

$$$ – There are a number of designed programs available for free and you are able to customize prana breath in an unlimited number of ways without having to make a single purchase. But, there are plenty of great designed programs that will help you advance further faster when you purchase the optional content.

NOTE: This app is NOT available for iPhone, but I have included a link to a very similar app in the iTunes App Store. Sadly, though, it is not as customizable as Prana Breath, but still very good.


One Moment Meditation

OMMappLearn how to meditate in a moment.

Simple, clean layout and design with a simple message: Meditate anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances for just a moment and gain clarity and peace of mind.

This is the ultimate meditation app for anyone who thinks that they don’t have time for meditation. Meditate in only one minute. ONE MINUTE. You can certainly spare one minute, right?



* Trip to the Forest: Deepak Chopra’s Dreamweaver

DCDappOK, so here’s a cool little bonus app I’m going to tell you about here. It’s not a the main list for a few reasons:
1) It’s not free. Nope, sorry. It’s gonna cost you $1.99 on Google Play.
2) You only get one, single guided meditation and not a full range of options with this one (but, it’s ridiculously awesome and worth the investment – why else would I be including it in this list?!).
3) This app isn’t for everyone – specifically anyone who suffers from epilepsy or seizures brought on by strobe lights or similar light-induced reactions.

Also, I don’t think it’s available on the Apple App Store anymore (which I know it was at one point, but I think it’s now been upgraded to the version that requires the purchase of the Dreamweaver glasses).

All of that aside, this app will take you on a journey like no other using incredible sound effects, music, and the use of the flash on your phone’s camera to induce Theta waves. There’s a lot of technical stuff that’s explained in the app video, so it’s better to just watch it yourself. But, trust me, this is gonna be cool.



OK, that’s it! Now you’ve got access to all my favorite ways to stay calm, focused, and centered in your personal yoga + meditation practices.

Feel free to tell me which apps are your favorites in the comments below.

Namaste yogi meditators <3