For today’s summer solstice + full moon spread, I used the Shapeshifter Tarot (by Conway + Knight) + the Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle (by InnerHue) decks.

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SST Stasis

Traditional Card:
Eight of Swords
Key Words:
Limbo, Frigidness, Waiting, Restriction

A card of limbo, frigidness, and uneasiness, Stasis may indicate the lineage bearer of negative family patterns. Waiting and wanting for something indefinite, some sort of outlet, you feel frozen and unable to move, bound to outworn forms and previous lifestyles. You may feel your personal growth and creative actions restricted, censured, or interfered with. Due to mistrust of yourself and others, you don’t know in which direction to travel. It is best to consider all options before making any decision about the matter at hand.

Stasis reflects static energy, with a balance of polarities or equilibrium to follow. This is a good time to wait, gather energy in reserve and watch how things unfold naturally, which will occur in the next eight days, weeks, or months.



SST Knowledge

Traditional Card:
The Hierophant
Key Words:
Learning, Integration, Expression

You may find yourself using ritual as a gateway to wisdom. Learn to use your intuition, expressing your ideas and talents and taking time to remove any obstacles and barriers that may present themselves. This care may indicate a time of initiation, integration, and synthesis. Tests of faith, hidden secrets, and agendas are all revealed. The power of Knowledge can be explosive or stabilizing as you learn to freely bridge your spiritual and ordinary worlds.

Knowledge points to a time of high spiritual interest, and you may find your connection to the divine strengthening proportionately. This is a card of commitment to yourself, another, and cultural upbringing. Knowledge represents an increased ability to do deep spiritual work and honor the sacred within, and a time of inner hearing of the quiet mind.



SST Valor

Traditional Card:
Seven of Wands
Key Words:
Competition, Motivation, Intuition

Honor your vision and creativity through action by moving toward what you want. A card of drive, ambition, and motivation, Valor points toward following the synchronicity in your life. Like listening and flowing with the wind (air element), trust your intuition to lead you in the most appropriate direction. You will be able to hold your own against negative forces and those that seek to harm you. Even though you may experience stiff competition in your profession, courage and success will overcome all obstacles. Don’t be afraid of defending yourself and standing by what you value.


God of Air

SST God of Air

Traditional Card:
Queen of Wands
Key Words:
Perception, Actualization, Mastery

The God of Air embodies an honest and conscientious man who is willing to render kind service to the seeker. A time of changing perceptions and deep personal insight, it is wise to focus on spiritual growth and evolution. You are filled with inspiration that has purpose and application. With internal and external shifts of perception, you may have a vision experience. Now it becomes crucial to mobilize the energy to actualize the vision.

You will find mastery of vision becomes more pronounced if you make an effort to develop these skills. The God of Air shows you how to be completely authentic with yourself and others, and to live life to its fullest. This card may betoken unexpected heritage, good marriage, or eloquence in the arts.


The Four Winds

SST Four Winds

Traditional Card:
Ace of Wands
Key Words:
Invention, Creation, Birth, Awakening

The Ace of Air is a card of new enterprises, invention, and creation, as wells as spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Tuning in to your inner voice, you bring your creative energy to life. This is a time of allowing yourself to be exactly who and what you are, and of enjoying being in the moment. You may find yourself finally understanding the basic nature of others and your inner Self.

A birth, starting a family, beginnings in business, and artistic creation are indicated. By tapping into Goddess energy and the female archetypes, begin to practice drawing from the boundless source of Oneness. You will see a coming and going of the issue at hand within a year and a day.

Bonus Oracle  Card:
Be You

CAF Be You

You are being called to stop worrying and focusing on finding your thing, but to simply explore and discover You. Our greatest purpose and often biggest challenge in this Life is to be authentically real. use every moment as an opportunity to just be You. Embrace your contradictions, revel in your wild, explore your desires, and share your truth. When we use our feeling senses to align with ourSelves, our passions, purpose, and talents naturally spring from our richness.

Enjoy a moon yoga practice – Moon Yoga: Chandra Namaskara


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