Overarching Issue:

Now is the time to call upon your inner Visionary, cultivating connections and collaborating on projects using your instincts and strong intuition as a guide.

Visionaries are excellent communicators who have highly attuned senses, enabling them to navigate their surroundings with precision. They choose to live in alignment with a much deeper force found within.

This card appears to acknowledge the composed and visionary aspects of you. You, the master of focus, strength, and compassion. You are being called to actively reach out building contacts and networks in sharing your Vision whilst harnessing and using your intuition as a compass.

Who you were:
Crown Chakra

I am a Divine Being.

The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Divine, including our own divinity.

Through this chakra we receive life force energy supporting us in daily life + assisting us in creating balance and harmony by flowing and nourishing our body with light.

The crown is the “connection valve” to the Universe and our higher chakras that reside above it. It is where we access Universal knowing + wisdom, and experience depth of insight and richness that surpass what we can intellectualize.

When there is an imbalance we may feel unsupported by the Universe or feel directionless. When balanced we feel plugged in and connected with the full Cosmic support.

Who you are:

You may be experiencing internal conflict and energy leaks due to unresolved tensions between your beliefs (Head) + your heart (Soul). This is depleting you and your ability to clearly see how to harmonize the internal war + take confident steps forward in the areas concerned. Excessive mind chatter, distraction, and mood swings are the result.

Accept where you are at, do not try to avoid discomfort for it is passing. Stop judging + questioning your motives. You are not discovering yourSelf, but creating yourSelf.

Do not seek who you are, but determine who you want to be, and the conflict will be resolved.

Who you are becoming:

Resistance is the ever present dragon with many different masks. It can manifest as the low lying misery that pervades our life if we have not risen above fear and stepped forwards, leading with our desires.

This card is calling for you to identify where in your life resistance is present – restricting growth and pinching off abundance + love.

You are being encouraged to recognize “positive fear” and push through the limiting self imposed beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing the fullness of yourSelf.

Suggested Action:

By pulling this card, you are receiving confirmation that you are on track. You will know this because, although your mind would like to second guess your every move, your internal knowledge speaks quietly yet confidently letting you know you are on the right path.

Do not allow yourself to be sidetracked or derailed by Conflict or Resistance from here. Continue to balance your inner and outer worlds, trusting that still voice with each and every step.


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