For today’s summer solstice + full moon spread, I used the Shapeshifter Tarot (by Conway + Knight) + the Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle (by InnerHue) decks.

Enjoy! <3





SST Struggle

Traditional Card:
Five of Wands
Key Words:
Restraint, Limitation, Worry, Stress, Self-Sabotage

A card of contrary powers at work, Struggle indicates a time of strife, separation, and competition, as well as anxiety, worry, and frustration toward the issue at hand. Struggling with your world and battling with life only limits your Light and cuts off your true potential. You may feel boxed in, under stress, restrained, and oppressed.

Apply your energy wisely, unleashing your true creative nature. Creative power that is restricted and restrained lends a toxic quality to life. Releasing anxiety and stress and moving steadily toward those things that work well in your life become your primary focus. To grow as a person, you need to go beyond your old frustrations, letting go of useless self-destructive and self-sabotaging patterns.



SST Growth

Traditional Card:
Seven of Pentacles
Key Words:
Beginnings, Talents, Employment

Opportunities for new beginnings are swiftly coming to the seeker. Use them wisely in a positive way to gain a better life for yourself. Employment or a new job can be yours if you actively set goals and take action. Inborn talents, both physical and psychic, can now be realized and developed. Take the initiative and prepare yourself.



SST Ruin

Traditional Card:
Ten of Swords
Key Words:
Misery, Pain, Anguish, Violence

The is a card of cold fear, desolation, disappointment, and sorrow, as well as misery, pain, anguish, and mental despair. In spiritual quests, the Ruin card means the end of delusion where another veil is lifted. You may experience unhappiness with someone or a situation that had great influence in your life ten years ago. Barriers appear to block any further movement as Ruin points to the end of close friendships and the dissolution of business affairs. Beware of burning bridges. This become a time to rid yourself of all negative self-talk and to release your fear and anger surrounding business and emotional relationships.



SST Fortune

Traditional Card:
Two of Wands
Key Words:
Boldness, Opportunity, Influence

Opportunities are coming; be courageous in stepping out to meet them. It is a time of balance and control, which will enable you to turn negative situations to positive ones. Influences are coming from unanticipated people and places, which will remove barriers you have been fighting for some time. Self-confidence will open doors, change situations, and attract good things to you.


Seeker of Fire

SST Seeker of Fire

Traditional Card:
Page of Swords
Key Words:
Diplomacy, Messages, Knowledge

Messages of importance are coming to the seeker. Knowledge necessary for growth and advancement, both in the physical and spiritual lives, will be discovered in unexpected places or come from unusual sources. Use diplomacy instead of force in an upcoming situation; you will win through calm words and truth.

Bonus Oracle  Card:

CAF Family

Not only do you have a physical family, you also have Universal family. Each one of us are assigned a team of energetic Beings as guides for our earthly life. They support us daily and are always ready and waiting to be of service. You are being called to build stronger connections with your Light family who communicate to you through direct guidance, inspired ideas, signs and synchronicities, and feelings. Have faith in your growing awareness and trust in the support they offer.

Enjoy a moon yoga practice – Moon Yoga: Chandra Namaskara


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