For today’s summer solstice + full moon spread, I used the Shapeshifter Tarot (by Conway + Knight) + the Connected and Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle (by InnerHue) decks.

Enjoy! <3




SST Power

Traditional Card:
The Chariot
Key Words:
Success, Change, Balance

Change, movement, and travel are indicated. A card of expanded spiritual ability and personal evolution, Power represents your ability to do many things simultaneously. Allow yourself to blend your cosmic and earthly powers, understanding the boundlessness of existence. Representing the universal principle of change, causation, and strength of will, Power is all about overcoming fear. The Power card suggests a time for centering and personal balance, integrating action and contemplation. Then, through choice, you are able to select changes that are fortunate, abundant, and positive. Change becomes an opportunity for creating new experiences that expand your connection to Oneness.

This card indicates success and energy for those involved with the creative arts. Included is creativity in a tangible and usable form, where you will triumph over financial matters. Dancing between tension and abandon, beware of the human tendency to corrupt or indulge in feelings of power. This is a card of merging and mastery of our human-animal passions, where opposing elements are positively combined and all is united through harmony and balanced opposition. The power is yours… accept the thrill and the responsibility.


God of Fire

SST God of Fire

Traditional Card:
Queen of Swords
Key Words:
Power, Authority, wise counsel

The seeker will come before or consult a person of authority who, if approached in the proper manner, can give wise advice on troubling issues. This person can be a spiritual adviser, judge, attorney, government official, or anyone in a position of authority and power. The seeker may discover reservoirs of power within that can aid in situations calling for an outward appearance of fearlessness and strength. Seek answers and wise counsel from spiritual sources.



SST Ruin

Traditional Card:
Ten of Swords
Key Words:
Misery, Pain, Anguish, Violence

The is a card of cold fear, desolation, disappointment, and sorrow, as well as misery, pain, anguish, and mental despair. In spiritual quests, the Ruin card means the end of delusion where another veil is lifted. You may experience unhappiness with someone or a situation that had great influence in your life ten years ago. Barriers appear to block any further movement as Ruin points to the end of close friendships and the dissolution of business affairs. Beware of burning bridges. This become a time to rid yourself of all negative self-talk and to release your fear and anger surrounding business and emotional relationships.


The Father

SST Father

Traditional Card:
The Emperor
Key Words:
Leadership, Self-Control

Under the influence of the Father, the seeker is given the opportunity to learn and benefit from self-control. Without accomplishing this, he or she cannot hope to move into the roles of leadership and greater responsibility that will come. Ann opportunity to expand knowledge is offered but will be unsuccessful without self-discipline.


The Circle

SST The Circle

Traditional Card:
Wheel of Fortune
Key Words:
Changes, Turn of Events

By being alert to opportunities, practicing positive magick, and striving for spiritual growth, the seeker can influence the Circle or Wheel to bring success, a change of luck, and positive evolution within his or her life. However, as with all magickal and spiritual decisions, the seeker must become aware of self motives fueling the personal desire for changes.

Bonus Oracle  Card:
Solar Plexus Chakra

CAF Solar Plexus Chakra

I am a Powerful Creator. I manifest with ease.

The Solar Plexus is like the radiant sun, a source of natural energy and power. It is the energetic organ that participates in intellectualizing, creating, and storing our beliefs – personally, culturally, and socially. It is where we take our desires and brand of Self, meld it with the structures of our internal and external worlds producing a “product” that can be experienced and shared with the world.

Our power, self esteem, and confidence to get out there and show the world who you are rises from this space, with the Solar Plexus speaking to us through our gut. When blocked or inactive, we may feel stuck or sluggish. When balanced we radiate energy, confidence, and healthy boundaries.

Enjoy a moon yoga practice – Moon Yoga: Chandra Namaskara


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