6-Card Spread

Card Designations:
1. Topic card/What’s at the center of this reading
2. Above you/What has already come that is of significance
3. Below you/What you have to look forward to that is of significance
4. Beside you/What surrounds the subject at the center of the reading: relates to topic
5. Beside you/What surrounds the subject at the center of the reading: relates to topic
6. Cover card/What must be looked at to attain topic card rewards

Cards Drawn and Meanings:

1. Air Element: 2 Fortune

Key Words: Boldness, opportunity, influence
Prophecy: Opportunities are coming; be courageous in stepping out to meet them. It is a time of balance and control, which will enable you to turn negative situations to positive ones. Influences are coming from unanticipated people and places, which will remove barriers you have been fighting for some time. Self-confidence will open doors, change situations, and attract good things to you.

2. Fire Element: 9 Darkness

Key Words: Great loss, suffering, desolation
Prophecy: The seeker is going through, or will face, a time of deep loss, suffering, and misery. This could come through illness, loss of someone close, or a series of negative events that make life difficult. Burdens – self-imposed or actual – will be heavy during this phase, thus creating much mental and emotional anguish. Try to keep despair and doubt under control; walk through these trials knowing they will end and new opportunities for happiness will come.

3. Water Element: 1 The Well

Key Words: Creativity, polarity, fertility, divine communication
Prophecy: This is a time of communicating your emotions and creative ideas. The Well indicates the need to tap into your spiritual center, a place of sacred and divine love. As you learn to apply wisdom to love, putting the pieces together, your discernment skills blossom and you know who to open your heart up to and trust. Joy, clarity, and fertility are all within the domain of the Well. Dip into the creative well of Oneness, going below the illusionary world. Moving into dimensional realization, you begin to truly understand the meaning of “as above, so below.” The Well is a card of equalizing dimensional experience, of giving and receiving and balancing polarities.

4. Earth Element: 12 Warrior of Earth

Key Words: Self-responsibility, divine meeting, shapeshifting
Prophecy: You have come to the full realization that you alone are the pattern maker and breaker of your own existence. This knowledge shows you how to construct, build, and re-create the structures and forms in your life you desire. Discover ways to create and abundant life in a balanced, organic manner. The Warrior of Earth may point to assistance from a dark-haired, dark-eyed woman who has an earthly and zealous passion to create. She may be a ruler, administrator, officiator, or decision maker. using your warrior abilities, master your shapeshifting skills through careful assessment of your body, diet, and lifestyle. The Warrior of Earth may represent a divine meeting that will permanently alter your life.

5. Major Arcana: 10 The Circle

Key Words: Changes, turn of events
Prophecy: By being alert to opportunities, practicing positive magick, and striving for spiritual growth, the seeker can influence the Circle or Wheel to bring success, a change of luck, and positive evolution within his or her life. However, as with all magickal and spiritual decisions, the seeker must become aware of self motives fueling the personal desire for changes.

6. Fire Element: 4 Merging

Key Words: Connection, empowerment, convergence, dreaming
Prophecy: Merging is a card of gaining multi-dimensional awareness, moving beyond time and space, of entering the continuum, and of connecting with the Goddess and the God. Merging with Oneness and seeing yourself as one with all things, you begin to live life from this perspective. Drawing the Merging card indicates a time of renewal and regeneration, empowering yourself as you conceive, create, and experience in a conscious way. In order for you to evolve, you need to open your mind and be flexible. You may want to be alone and meditate on the issue at hand. Merging may point to a hermit’s repose or training in an occult or esoteric tradition, as well as dreaming practices and sex magick.

Personal Thoughts:

My initial thoughts were: Holy crap! The fact that the Fortune card showed up right in the middle of this spread just shows me that the rest of the other cards are just as significant as this one center card. I asked about financial security and I certainly got my answers.

I almost always have very specific spreads that really get at the heart of what I need to look at in my life, but it’s still always amazing to me that it actually works. It’s exactly why I continue to rely on my tarot deck to provide insight and answers at times when I feel unsure.

I can see that this spread is trying to direct me towards manifesting my destiny… through tactical methods that I purposely create. I have an idea about what direction to take, but have delayed this journey for a number of reasons. I know that I need to take more action to move forward and to open the necessary doors. I’m excited to see what kind of potential lies ahead!!

Just before I left Jason, I remember having a powerfully moving spread that told me what would happen if I made either of two choices (to stay or to leave). It showed me what I already knew, that I had to leave him or face a life of misery. I often look back at that spread as a major influence on my mindset at the time. Jason was going through a honeymoon phase in our relationship and I had been falling for it, but still felt cautious. When I pulled those cards in that spread, it made me realize just what I was doing and my resolve to get out was solidified.

I’m so grateful to have an option like this to seek guidance in my life and know that my spirit guides are with me and speaking to me about not only moving forward with my life, but how to do it successfully. Love, love, love <3