When we are attuned to our own deeper sense of Self, to the things that give our lives meaning, the Universe will whisper subtle messages to us. Other times it may take us by the shoulders and shake the crap out of us. It just depends on how well we’re paying attention that actually allows us to pick up on these messages. Sometimes, we’re too caught up in our own lives (work, drama, technology, etc) to be open to receiving these communications. But, they are there, always calling us towards our destiny, our dharma, our life’s purpose.

I received a message today, loud and clear, from multiple trusted voices. One had nothing to do with the other and they each brought up the topic on their own, so I know this was a message meant for me to hear today and then to follow through with decisive action.

The message was this:

To manifest our dreams into reality, we must be clear about our intentions, about what we want.

Be bold and let the Universe know what you want, align your thoughts with clear ideas and remind yourself of them often. There are many different ways to do this. Some simpler ways to align your intentions are to say to yourself what you want everyday, multiple times a day or to clearly define your goals in a journal. Other, more creative ways would be to create a vision or dream board (the quirky and lovely Leonie Dawson shows you how to in this video, if you like) or to create and perform a ritual that solidifies your intentions deeply into your being and shows the Universe that you know exactly what you want.

When we are clear about what we want, the Universe is clear about what we want and is better able to manifest those thoughts into reality. This manifestation process can go a variety of different ways and we do it constantly, even if it isn’t always intentionally.


Have you ever noticed that when we think negative thoughts about how our lives are just awful and bad things always happen to us, that those are exactly the sort of things that keep happening to us? Likewise, when someone is on a ‘lucky streak’ and everything seems to always go their way, this is Universal manifestation at work.

Whether we choose to manifest on purpose or not, the Universe is constantly tuning-in to our emotional vibes, to our thoughts and dreams, and aligning them with similar opportunities (most of us are already aware of this major Universal Law of Attraction; that like attracts like). So, it would be in our best interest to purposely align our awareness, our subconscious minds and our energies towards a desirable goal. This is key to manifesting your dreams into reality.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to do this, just be CLEAR about what you want, what you intend and leave the rest up to life. Of course, it will help to speed things along if you also begin to work towards those goals. Even though you don’t necessarily have to start making things happen for yourself, I still suggest doing it. The Universe will see this hard work as a sign that you’re ready for the divine intervention to begin and then the right doors will open, the perfect opportunities will arise and you will be on the fast-track towards living your dreams.


It doesn’t even matter what you want to bring into your life, the Universe doesn’t play favorites and it doesn’t see good or evil, it just responds accordingly; like with like. So, whether your dream is to be a better parent or the next Hitler, it doesn’t really matter, the Universe will respond if you align (though, I don’t personally condone Hitler or anyone who chooses to follow in his footsteps). What I’m trying to say is that you can choose to manifest whatever you want into your life, you only have to be CLEAR about your intentions and then the stars will align in your favor.

When we choose not to be clear, the Universe is left to guess what we want based on our thought patterns and life choices. When we leave it up to interpretation, we are often left feeling unsatisfied or worse, like the world is out to get us. The truth is though, it’s entirely up to each of us what happens in our lives and what direction we choose to take.

Yes, of course there will always be things that are beyond our control; life is just like that sometimes. When things happen that feel like they are out of line with our desires or unwanted, even when we’ve taken the time to be clear about our intentions, they may be those messages from the Universe telling us that something about our goal is ‘off’ or out of tune and may need reconsideration.

It may also just be a life lesson that we are meant to learn, which helps us to grow as individuals. If we can see the potential in these road blocks and attempt to understand the messages hidden within them, then we will more easily find our way back to the right path again. If we can’t manage to find what we need to see, the Universe will continue to hit us over the head until we do.

It is always in our best interest to pay attention to Universal messages. They are there to guide and direct us in this chaotic world. Meditation is a wonderful practice that allows our minds to quiet down and listen closely. We are able to more easily attune ourselves to these messages and interpret them correctly. If you aren’t already meditating regularly and you think you’d like to, I highly recommend it. Consider joining me on my 100 Days of Meditation journey. Here are some posts to get you started: Day 2, Day 7, Day 11, Day 21.


SO, now I urge you to take some time to be thoughtful and consider what you want from your life. Then, do everything in your power to make sure the Universe is aware of what you want, too. Any way you see fit to do this, do it. Love it. Make it your baby. You will see results and usually quickly, too.

Peace out, omies! <3