Nurturing Your Dreams

Looking to make a change in your life but need a little direction, motivation, or accountability? Together, we look at what you want, what’s important to you and then make clear, actionable goals that get you closer to where you want to be!

Implement new habits into your everyday life – and make them stick – by creating your own vision of personal wellness, identifying the ways that you want to get there, and keeping on track to maintain these habits in the long-term. We do this work together.

  • I was not sure what to expect but knew I needed to regain focus/vision to forge ahead in my PhD program. The theme I went in with was a need for balance in my life, and Gretchen totally facilitated my ability to clearly see what I need to do to accomplish this balance in all areas. From the very beginning until the end she facilitated more personal growth than I would have imagined even possible.

    Pam R.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

Wellness Guidance

A Wellness Intake Consultation lays out exactly what you are looking for in terms of positive, lasting life changes and what steps we’re going to take to move you onto the desired trajectory. Usually lasts about 2-3 hours.

Wellness Guidance Sessions are where we look at what’s working, what’s not, and redirect as necessary to move you closer to your personal wellness vision. These are also personal assessments that you can use to evaluate whether your vision is on-track or if you want to re-examine your goals.

The Inspired Breakthrough is an incredibly special session focused on creating your personal wellness vision in all aspects of your life. Together, we take a (w)holistic look at your vision and realistically direct your time and energy to get you closer to your personal wellness goals.

We delve deep into the obstacles and challenges that affect your personal wellbeing, then go to work to move through them, and get to the other side where wellness exists. We come out of this session with a newer, deeper understanding of what motivates you, where resistance occurs and why, and a self-made plan that you execute with my love and support.
Usually lasts about 2-3 hours.

$95 → Wellness Intake Consultation
$55 → Wellness Guidance Session (x1)
$155 → Wellness Guidance Sessions (x3*)
$125 → Inspired Breakthrough

*A package of 3 Wellness Guidance Sessions includes a Wellness Intake Consultation as the 1st session.