Yoga and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, like asana and meditation, or even like Lakshmi and Vishnu. So, to officially welcome in the Summer season, here is a hand-selected playlist of some of my favorite Power Yoga beats. While this may or may not be your own cup of green tea, it’s always nice to find some new artists and options for your yoga practice.

I usually try to blend some traditional-style yoga music with some pop-culture tunes to throw in some diversity and to keep the motivation level high during practice. Find your rhythm and flow with this Spotify playlist.

There are some soft sounds at the beginning and the end of this list so you can take a few moments at the beginning of your practice to sit quietly with your breath to tune in before your practice and also for a restful Savasana at the end. Enjoy!

Namaste yogis <3