Gretchen Wood Lakshmi


Healing comes from a place of vulnerability, truth, and compassion. It can be a difficult process to uncover our fears and move through them, but you don’t have to do it all alone.

I am here to support you in your healing journey –

with love, from my heart to yours.



Welcome ❧

I’m Gretchen, and if you’ve landed here I know it was for a meaningful reason, so please stay for a while and have a look at what invites you inward.

My life + work have been devoted to learning + sharing different healing techniques.

Ones that bring a profound sense of growth and personal healing along with a deeper sense of ease, joy, and vitality to the entire being; body, mind, and spirit. We use practices such as meditation, yoga, sound healing through mantra practice and the use of crystal + Tibetan singing bowls, and personal self-development practices to deepen the individual relationship with the higher Self and to gain insight into our unique blockages and obstacles. Together, we observe and connect all of the aspects of the Self (atman) in an attempt to compassionately understand these blockages + obstacles and, ultimately, move through them.

Get Connected, Raise Vibration
All love and respect to your privacy.